Listen Again to the Old Folks Boogie 29th Aug 2017

Old Folks Boogie 155 hits the airwaves this week, as normal service is resumed following a serious bout of Festivalitis. Presenting themselves for your entertainment you will hear John Mayall, Genesis, The Groundhogs, Tyranosaurus Rex and err…Spankey and Our Gang. A cornucopea of spiritually enriching groovyness. Be seeing you!

Full play list:

John Mayall – I’m Your Witchdoctor
Idle Race – Birthday Party
The Misty Wizards – Its Love
Genesis – White Mountain
The Groundhogs – The Grey Maze
Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant – Old Joe Clark
Tyranosaurus Rex – Sarah Crazy Child
Love – You Set The Scene
Human Instinct – Pink Dawn
Spanky and Our Gang – Sunday Will Never Be The Same
Unicorn – Hold On
Honeybus – Under The Silent Tree
John Mayall – On Top Of The World

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