Listen Again to Out Of Europe 27th July 2017

Catch up with Steve and this weeks selection of tunes in a musical mystery tour across the continent, covering many genres, mostly outside the commercial realm.
Out Of Europe takes an affectionate look at the music that has come…Out Of Europe.

This week the new release by Swedish maverick Simon Steensland takes centre stage, alongside music from Holland, Italy, Hungary, Poland and two contrasting English instrumentals.

Full play list:

Simon Steensland – Hemlighetsfullt
Simon Steensland – Tollkarlen
Focus La Cathedrale De Strasbourg
The Shadows – Man Of Mystery
Shatner’s Bassoon – Advocates of Anti-Funk
Simon Steensland – Das Blues
Picchio dal Pozzo – Mettiamo il Caso Che… (Seconde Parte)
Mop Mop – From 120 to 140
Mop Mop – Three Times Bossa
Special Providence – Northern Lights
Special Proividence – Atlas Of You
Michael Urbaniak’s Fusion – Atma – Today and Tomorrow

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