Listen Again to Out Of Europe 13th July 2017

Catch up with Steve and this weeks selection of tunes in a musical mystery tour across the continent, covering many genres, mostly outside the commercial realm.
Out Of Europe takes an affectionate look at the music that has come…Out Of Europe.

A toe-tapping start in England is followed by Mikrokosmos taking us all round Europe with their new CD, and we shoehorn an Italian visit in as well as well as France on this weeks musical mystery tour.

Full play list:

Prescott – Five Thing ( )
Mikrokosmos – Incantatio / Kakslipuhendus / Oi Sala Sala ( )
Damon Shulman – When We Were
Pierre De Bethmann – La Mer
Mikrokosmos – Gortausen / Komm
Picchio dal Pozzo – The President
Brainville 3 – Didditagin
Mikrokosmos – Halleluja, var strid er endt : I denne sote juletid

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