Listen Again to Eine Kleine Kling Klang – 29th April 2017

Catch up with Alan and this weeks Eine Kleine Kling Klang, playing the very Best of Brand British, German and European Kosmische, Motorik, Electronica, Industrial and post-Industrial contemporary music.
This week features, Amon Dul 2, Ash RA Tempel, Brendan Ashbrook, Can, Harmonia and much more.

Full play list:

Amon Dul 2 – Cerberus
Ash RA Tempel – Ice Train
Brendan Ashbrook – Cosmic Addrres
Can – Future Days
Harmonia – Dino
Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps
System 7 – Sunburst
Paul van Dyk – Together we will conquer
Neu! – Super
Streetmark – I like you
Tony Conrad – The death of the composer was in 1962
Brain Ticket – Brainticket pt1

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