Listen Again to the Old Folks Boogie 27th Sept 2016

Old Folks Boogie number 106 has been and yes, gone….a mystical event combining chanting, strange clothes and a delicate smell of ancient guitar strings. Here is the play list:
Spirit – Uncle Jack
The Attack – Any More Than I Do
Spencer Davis Group – Morning Sun
Magma – Lihns
Eric Burdon and the Animals – San Francisco Nights
Eric Burden and thr Animals – Hey Gyp
Shirley Collins – The Murder of Maria Martin
Buffalo Springfield – Expecting to Fly
Sons of Champlin – Hello Sunlight
Sea-Ders – Thanks a Lot
Vinegar Joe – Charlie’s Horse
July – The Way
Spirit – 1984
Very neat and tidy, and should you wish to experience it again, kindly pop over to the Northern Quarter Radio web site and depress the appropriate listen again button. Splendid. I’ll be off thern. Be seeing you!

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