Tuesday nights Old Folks Boogie Number 75 was, from all reports, the rock n roll sonic equivalent to seeing Brigit Bardot astride a Harley Davison whilst fixing her very large eyes upon your nether regions. There is a female equivalent of course, but I’ve never actually sat on a Harley. (This is a self effacing joke). Anyway, here is what was on offer:

High Llamas – Checking Out, Checking In
Blossom Toes – I’ll Be Late For Tea
The Misunderstood – Find The Hidden Door
Spirit – I Want Somebody
Captain Marryat – Blindness
Gong – You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever
King Crimson – Ladies of the Road
Grateful Dead – Ripple
Chrissie Quayle – Seagulls Scream
Mike Stuart Span – Second Production
High Llamas – Giddy and Gay

So, there we have it. The repeat is Saturday night at nine, and of course you could take advantage of the splendid Northern Quarter Radio web site and press the appropriate Listen Again button. That is all. Be seeing you!

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